M@tt’s @pps – Free Android Apps for CAT and IT teachers

MattsAppsFor all my apps that I create, you can now bookmark and go to http://apps.techteachers.co.za

I am a Computer Applications Technology and Information Technology teacher. I have been teaching CAT for a few years and, recently, Information Technology. I have started learning how to create mobile apps for use on devices like smartphones and tablets. I am using my limited abilities to create applications that I hope teachers and their students can use.

At the moment, the apps are for the Android platform only. This is because Apple insists on a rather large amount of money from the programmer before one can actually make IOS apps available. My apps can all be converted to IOS at the click of a button but will cost me $99 for a year!

All my apps are free and do not contain ads or require you to be online for any functionality.

Go to http://apps.techteachers.co.za