My First Android App attempt

iPhone-White-W2-iconThe world is changing so fast and apps rule the phones. I think being able to create apps for your students is a good skill to have. I have started learning to make my own mobile apps and am happy to share my first (incredibly simple and basic) application with you.

It is a HTML Tag Revision App which allows the student to revise their tags for HTML. It is a simple app with no bells or whistles and was merely just a trial experiment for myself to see how app development for mobile devices takes place.

It’s very exciting and I hope to get better as I develop more apps in the future!

Feel free to download a copy of the app below. It is for Android devices only.

Comments are welcome to help me learn and improve.


Screenshot_2015-07-24-08-50-35 Screenshot_2015-07-24-08-51-54

This app is available to download on the Google Play Store.

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