My theory-teaching cardboard robot – Part 2

Continuing from my previous post, here is the second part of the journey: The completion!

Phase 4 : The final product

Welcome to STEVE 1.0, C.A.N.A.R. Edition. (Cardboard And Not A Real Robot)

After sticking more stuff on with a glue gun, which gets seriously hot by the way, I think Steve is ready. So let’s have a look at what he has and his purpose – after all a robot without purpose is just…a robot…without…purpose.

My guiding principles were based on what concepts I wanted to get across. I decided to start simple: Input -> Process -> Output/Storage

I placed hardware on the robot to represent and help explain the various concepts.

INPUT – A keypad on the front; “ears” on his head (his listening device), “eyes” to see
PROCESS – A CPU; a circuit board (representative of a motherboard)
OUTPUT – “Printer” at the back
STORAGE – Internal HDD (permanent storage); CD drive with CD; old-school floppy; RAM stick (temporary storage)

I placed the RAM and CPU together to help explain their relationship. There is no real logic in the placement of the other components! Sorry! Guess I got carried away with that glue gun! 🙂

Watch this video showing the features I intend to use for teaching the theory stuff:

S0, how did it go? Click here to find out!