New HTML task for Grade 11

I have created a task for my Grade 11’s to get them to create their own web site with the knowledge obtained this term in CAT. It covers everything they should know and there is a marksheet attached for the teacher to use.

The gist of the task is for the student to create a web site with 5 pages (including the home page) in a structured site setup with the main topic featuring them! Each page is marked with criteria, HTML code is marked and the layout of the code is also assessed.

Feel free to use, modify and improve!


Access it in the Resources section


  1. Hi there. I am registered with and have access to shared files when I access the site …. BUT when I try and download the link directly from this page i get taken to but a message saying …..

    This Content is Private

    This content was sent to an email address not associated with your account. Please add the relevant email address to access this content.

    Please advise what I should do so I can get the download directly.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Gail

      Your email address is registered as being able to access the site. Have you logged in on

  2. Hi Matt

    I am struggling to gain access to tasks and tests supplied. Please let me know if I am registered and where I am going wrong.



    PS Wonderful service for the CAT teachers

  3. HI Matt

    Love the HTML Test! Thank you. Just a question. Should the students’ spreadsheet also contain the sheet: Final Mark ?


    • Hi Claire, glad you like it. The students worksheet does contain it. You have to unhide it. It’s hidden so the student does not see it while they do the test.