The new Tech Teachers FORUM is coming!


Time to launch

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An online forum has been created to serve the communication, networking and sharing needs of CAT, ICT and IT teachers all over South Africa.

The Tech Teachers FORUM will be LIVE on Monday the 11th of September 2017.

Teachers can register, log in and begin to connect and interact with other teachers, get support or advice on the various software used in CAT or IT, or just chat. It’s completely free and open to all teachers.

A sneak preview of the setup so far:

Some uses for the forum

  • Obtain teaching advice and support from other teachers
  • Have your queries on Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint answered
  • Java, Delphi – chat away!
  • Discuss teaching methodologies that work for technology subjects
  • Get help when you need it
  • Find new resources and applications
  • Be a part of a national teacher community

Advantages of a Forum over a Facebook group

  • No Facebook account necessary!
  • Bookmark and follow topics
  • Subscribe to comment threads and follow conversations
  • Search feature to find information quickly
  • Styling of your posts and embed images, files, videos etc.
  • Keep track of your posts and others’ replies
  • Forums are organised and categorised for easier classification of comments