Numbering and Sections in Word

I was asked by a teacher to answer three Word-based questions from an exam. They all had to do with page numbering and sections. I happily obliged by making three videos to answer the questions, using the data files they sent to me.

Here they are:

  1. Add automatic page numbering as follows:
  • Add the page numbers centred in the page footer.
  • Start the page numbering with ‘i’ (Roman numeral 1) on the table of contents page.
  • Use the numbering style 1, 2, et cetera for the rest of the document, restarting the page numbering from page 1.

NOTE: The cover page must NOT be numbered.

2. Insert automatic page numbers in the footer of the document as follows:

  • Page numbering should start on the ‘Contents’ page as page 1.
  • The page numbering should appear in the format ‘Page 1’.
  • The page numbers on odd-numbered pages should be left-aligned.
  • The page numbers on even-numbered pages should be right-aligned.

3. Use automatic numbering to place right-aligned page numbers in the footer of the odd-numbered pages and left-aligned page numbers on the even-numbered pages.