OneNote notebooks for Grade 10 and 11 CAT

I created class notebooks for my Grade 10 and Grade 11 Computer Applications Technology classes using Microsoft OneNote. This is in conjunction with MS Teams. You may have seen my YouTube preview video I did a little while ago:

I am sharing them here for whoever can use them and modify them for their own use. The idea behind it was to reduce paper usage and consolidate all materials and work into a central location that could be accessed from any computer online. It also makes keeping an eye on my students’ work a bit easier as I can see what they are submitting and where they are at in their work.

Grade 10 Notebook screenshots

Grade 11 Notebook screenshots

Before you download

I created these files for myself and my classes. It is definitely not a complete solution! There may be assessments there that you will not have access to (eg. the MS Form files). The notebooks are also going to be used alongside MS Teams and other content I might develop. You will most likely have to edit and change things for your own environment. I forgot to take the SAGs (Subject Assessment Guidelines) file I made, apologies! The SAGs are for IEB schools only.

The files are provided “as-is”. I cannot help you after you’ve downloaded them. I cannot help you to get them into your MS Team or Class Notebook setup etc.. I simply don’t have time! If anything, you can duplicate most of the pages and sections into your own notebooks,

If you’re really stuck, why not come along to the MS OneNote workshop I am running in March next year? 🙂

Download the files

CAT Grade 10 2019 OneNote file

CAT Grade 11 2019 OneNote file

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I have put a lot of time and effort into creating these files and I really hope you enjoy them. I share them freely but I do welcome donations to the Tech Teachers site to say thank you, if you want to!


  1. Hi there. These notes are so cool. I dropped physics for CAT in 4th term last year ( grade 11 ) and I’ve been struggling to catch up all the work in time for trials and finals this year. These notes are going to help me so much ! They are so neat and easy to use. Did you by any chance make notes for the grade 12 CAT syllabus ? Thank you so much. 🙂