PowerPoint Music notation template

I was inspired by our Primary School music teacher who was looking for an easier way of using her interactive whiteboard to teach songs using music notation. The software that came along with the hardware did not really seem to work the way she wanted it to. When I showed her how PowerPoint could be used to achieve what she wanted, she was quite impressed.

I decided to make a PowerPoint Template that a music teacher could then use with ease and also integrate the other various fantastic features of PowerPoint (Office365 version).

This is the first “release”. It could probably include way more notation but this is for Primary school level first and is also aimed at ease-of-use and efficient functionality. I have created 9 different master slides that can be chosen and also a main slide with the notation images all correctly sized. A teacher just needs to copy and paste (or Control D to duplicate).

Using an interactive whiteboard with this is where you can really see how easy it is to use and how much quicker you can work than with other software. The “Draw” feature in the toolbar is also amazing and so easy to use.

Feel free to download and share the template below, creative commons license with attribution please.

Download the Template here.