Practical Revision Activities – Grade 10 – 12 booklets (Afr & Eng)

Practical Revision Activities – now also in Grade booklets

There are individual booklets for Word, Excel, Access & HTML divided into grades and topics, but now, these have also been combined into booklets per grade. These can be printed out in A5 format for easy use in class. There’s also a space on the front page where you can insert your school logo.

The practical revision activities booklets have been updated and fine-tuned after the second year of use.

  • Gr 11 Word 3.2 Section breaks now subdivided according to difficulty
  • Gr 11 Access 5.1 tables chapter included, 5.4 separate activities for input masks, dropdown lists & validation rules
  • Gr 12 HTML changed to cover all the Gr 11 skills integrated with tables
  • Gr 11 & 12 Input mask sheet & HTML tag sheet included

In our school, students purchase these at cost price together with the textbooks and keep it with them the whole year. I keep an area on my whiteboard in front, where I write which activity and page number we are on in the textbook, and on which page they can find the corresponding work in the revision booklet – then they immediately know where to continue if they finish before other students.

Suggestions on how to use these:

You can distribute these activities electronically or (if budget allows) print hard copies (better, otherwise kids have to keep switching between the activity and the data file).

  1. Use during class time as enrichment activities for strong learners
  2. Use as revision activities before tests/exams
  3. Use as material for after hours/extra classes

Note that these are divided according to Study Opportunities textbooks. The original Word files (per booklet) have been supplied so that teachers who use different textbooks can rearrange to match their textbooks.

You can view and download the revision activities here.

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