Printers and printing

I know, for myself, I don’t actually teach a lot on the humble printer. I think it’s often overlooked when it comes to discussing hardware in Computer Applications Technology. It’s in the “System Technologies” section of the CAPs and gets little mention in terms of any other context other than just being part of hardware or output. Do you glance over it with your students?

I found an interesting article on buying a printer, relating to the specs on printers and what the average person should really know when purchasing a new printer. The terminology was spot on, so I have added the article to the ‘Articles of Interest’ folder in the Tech Teachers resources section.

Sections/Terminology covered

  • Dots per inch (dpi
  • Engine speed
  • Internal memory
  • Monthly duty cycle
  • Networking
  • Input trays
  • Multipurpose trays
  • Duplexing
  • Displays
  • Media-card slots and PictBridge ports
  • USB port
  • Operating system compatibility

I am wondering when 3D Printers will become part of the curriculum officially and what the specs and usage criteria will be when the CAPs are revised!

Download the article here (PDF) –>

View the article online here –>




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