How are progressive teachers using technology?

19a2279c98d1b21ec1505fd7eb38ad89As a Computer Applications Technology teacher, I am obviously in the right place to learn about new technology and its role in academic education. A question was asked on a Quora forum : “How are progressive teachers using technology?”. A teacher by the name of Peter Kruger posted his reply and I saw it on the Forbes web site. His response inspired me.

“I am a progressive teacher who uses a variety of strategies in my classroom to engage students in learning and to help them take ownership in their learning environment. Here are some of my methods:” … continue reading on the Forbes site>>

There really is such scope for a teacher who can take the time and utilise free resources online to enhance the learning process, engage with their students and even make admin a little more bearable!

I strive to become a teacher that can use available technology to make my content more engaging, the learning more fun, the admin more manageable and the class environment more future-vision-seeking!

What I enjoy most about the article is how the teacher is making use of tools that are available online that cost nothing such as :

icon_Adobe_64You can access the article in PDF format here

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