Real fake data!

data-management-iconWhen creating data, it’s always difficult to create a database of hundreds of entries that are authentic and useful for various tasks. I have taken the time to create a very large database of useful and relevant (contextually) information in the form of Excel spreadsheets.

I have the following:

  • An overseas tour spreadsheet/database consisting of pupils and teachers who are going on an overseas tour with all the travel details included in the sheet (this was based on my own personal spreadsheet which I later took into MS Access)
  • An adults database with all the usual details one would use in a typical employer/employee setup
  • A school pupils database with everything I could think of for a basic student database setup
  • ID’s numbers and birthdates for adults and school pupils alike (correct structure)
  • A spreadsheet with realistic phone numbers from all areas in South Africa
  • A spreadsheet from the Post Office with all the Post Office Codes in the country (available from the post office’s web site)

The adults database consists of 500 records. The school pupils database consists of 600 students across all grades and classes.

Some of the content, such as names and birthdates was generated on and the rest was created by myself or by using various random functions.

You can create reports, run queries in Access, filters, sorting, perform various text manipulations and data generation with charts etc. with these databases. You can add or take away whatever data you want. The building blocks for the database for your activities is now in place!

Feel free to use and modify. I am going to base a lot of tests on this as there are so many functions a teacher can put in there. I hope you enjoy!

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