Analysis Grid Creator (Version 2)


  • Automatically selects the Level for the question based on a keyword/phrase
  • Theory & Prac grids
  • Grid automatically created
  • Keywords are editable
  • Progress bar
  • Safety-checks in place with data validation
  • Stats generated
  • Graphs created
  • Printable

Check out the video preview here


It’s simple, straight-forward, intuitive and works very well! I have yet to tweak it for teachers to be able to use it for Practical papers but that will have to happen another time. There are TWO workbooks available. One is for Theory and the other is for Prac.

You will need Microsoft Excel 2013 minimum but 2016 is preferred. Macros must be enabled. It will work on most desktop PCs/laptops but not on mobile devices i.e. Office apps or 365.

Worksheet used at own risk. No warranties or guarantees. Updates to the spreadsheet are free. Feedback welcome!