Social Media Awareness presentation 2014

For Computer Applications Technology teachers in South Africa:

YouTubeA PowerPoint show I created as part of a talk I did at my school educating parents and their children on the dangers of social networking. I did a lot of research and also tailored the presentation to the context of our school. This presentation has been modified to be more generic and can be used for any school. All sources used have been listed and articles/documents for resource are available on the Tech Teachers web site – search for social media resources.

I have omitted the videos I used on certain slides (but have provided links to them in the video) and also the actual censored tweets that I had sourced.

You can use this and add your own research (published tweets etc..) to it. You can present from Grade 8 to 12 with this video.

An editable version of this slideshow is available from me at a small fee. Contact me for more details.

If you would like the documents/sources I used, here they are:

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