Student Teachers & the Facebook group

I am going to allow student teachers (university level students studying to become teachers) in their 3rd/4th year of study to apply to join the group. If I find that this decision backfires, I will apologise and remove the students from the group. Teachers are also welcome to contact me directly to air their concerns.

I believe that we, as teachers, can offer much guidance and assistance to student teachers and we should be doing so if we are to see our subject standards raised and our subject placed on a platform where it belongs!

The group is an important group and has provided support for many teachers, I’d like to see it continue that way. And, if we can bring student teachers into the ‘fold’, what a great opportunity for those new teachers to start with a support base of hundreds of professionals who’ve already trod the path before them!

Student teachers wanting to join the group must first fill in their details to apply to join the group.

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