Tangible Theory – Learning theory in a practical way

Teaching theory in Computer Applications Technology should not be done 'theoretically'. There should be a practical, tangible element that students can physically engage with to reinforce the concepts being taught. I have decided to try get my hands on as many of the components we talk about in Theory and let my students have a literal hands-on experience in addition to learning from the words in their textbooks.

I am still of the opinion that the reason our students do so poorly in CAT theory is that they have nothing to base their knowledge on other than the text in their notes or what the teacher says. I believe they need access to tangible experiences to help them learn the 'theoretical' concepts.

Here are some photos and a video from some of the components I have managed to gather over the last few weeks. My aim is to have enough for all my students to be able to have access to at least one component each when learning about the concepts presented in their textbooks.