Teachers, Join The Link Collective!

As CAT, IT and ICT teachers, we often come across online resources, articles, stories or information that may benefit us as professionals; be awesome to share with our students; or be very relevant to the subject/s that we teach.

Up until now, in the Facebook group, teachers have been sharing links to sites, in the group, when and as they find them. The problem is, not everyone is on Facebook and the links start fading away down to the bottom of the news feed.

I have created a Wakelet collection (if you don’t know what Wakelet is, read more about it here) where anyone who registers can add links, videos, tweets, bookmarks, images, PDF documents and more to one collection for all teachers to have access to. The page itself is embedded on the Link Collective page right here on the Tech Teachers web site.

This means that teachers can share their links to online sources – in one location – and everyone can have access to them at any time.

Go check out the Link Collective page and sign up to become a contributor to the collection. I hope we will have MANY teachers signed up and sharing their links with all. When you find something worth sharing, don’t post in in the Facebook group, share it in Wakelet instead!

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