IT Teachers unite!

I was fortunate enough to be able to meet many teachers at the Scratch and Delphi day in Pretoria on Saturday the 24th of January, 2015. Organised by Study Opportunities and hosting about 80 teachers or more, it was a time to connect with teachers of Information Technology specifically.

I was able to give a brief presentation on Tech Teachers and the 4 year journey I’ve been on as a teacher of computer technology. I encouraged IT teachers to not be afraid to share their materials that they’ve created and be open to the concept of collaboration.

Here are links my slideshow from the morning and accompanying notes:

Microsoft-PowerPoint-iconTech Teachers 2015 – IT and Delphi Day presentation – Powerpoint

Tech Teachers 2015 – IT and Delphi Day presentation – notes

If you are interested in the collaborative efforts that teachers were working on [mentioned in my talk], here are the links:

  1. The ultimate revision quiz revision activity for your Computer Applications Technology students
  2. The Terminology Revision Application

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