Teaching theory with a cardboard robot

I built a cardboard robot to help teach the basic concepts of the data processing cycle we learn about in C.A.T., namely Input; Processing; Output; Storage

Well, after creating “Steve”, I had to try use him in class! And so I did. I should probably apologise to my poor Grade 10’s, there were really my guinea pigs on this one!

Read more about “Steve” here—>

This was the first time I recorded myself and the first time I tried this with a class. I kind of drifted off camera a bit, sorry about that! I have planned to try this again sometime with a different group but with a different approach next time, perhaps I shall record that too.

Anyway, here is my first try. It’s a bit messy but I’ve learned so much…there is always hope!


  1. Matt, wish I was a learner in your class. You are amazing, Steve is an excellent example you built. If I win the Powerbal tonight, half of it is yours, for all your hard work and sharing. Anzia