Tech Teachers Collaborative Quiz Project

Working-TogetherI am compiling a databank of Computer Applications Technology theory quiz revision questions for students to use to revise for exams. It’s very basic in principle and allows a student to randomly generate a quick 10-question quiz with multiple choice answers. All in Excel!

The idea is : to populate the quiz with questions by gathering questions and answers from CAT teachers via the worksheet and then merge the data into a special template worksheet I have created.

It’s all made in Excel so it’s very easy to use and modify. If you can just submit at least 5 questions (10 would be sufficient), I would be most grateful! The project is free and will be made available freely to all teachers to use and modify.

Ready to help?

Start by downloading the Workbook below (zipped, please extract first) and then renaming it with your name and surname in the file name. Instructions are in the file.

When you are done, please email it to


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