Tech Teachers membership donations includes File submissions

The Tech Teachers site costs time and money to keep running. The site is supported by means of Google Ads and monetary donations from teachers (who, in turn, receive full membership access to the site as a thank-you for their support). There are teachers who cannot afford to make donations to the site or may not support the monetary donation concept. That is why some things are changing on the site as of today!

Tech Teachers accepts donations, not only in monetary terms, but now also supports a “Share-To-Access” feature. This means that teachers can choose another means of supporting the site by uploading an activity or assessment (that they themselves have created) and still get full access to all features of the site. Once the file has been received, it will be assessed and if the work is of an acceptable standard for teachers/learners to use, it will be posted and the user will be given full membership access for 1 year.

File uploads are available on the Uploads page.

If you would like to support the site by making a donation, go here.