Tech-Time : videos for your CAT class

File-Movies-iconHere is an idea! I have just begun to implement this in my CAT classes. Take the last lesson of your timetable for your class and use 10 minutes, maybe even 15 if you can spare it, to show a video or two about technology. It can be YouTube clips from computer shows, a TED talk about how technology is evolving, a computer review, a games review etc..

The point is to stimulate the students, to give them a break for 10 mins from the computer screen, to offer something to think about, to show them that our subject goes beyond the walls of the computer lab. It can be used to generate discussion about humans and technology, where we’ve been and where we’re going.

I will post feedback when I have managed to set up “Tech Time Vids” sessions in my CAT classes.

Your thoughts?


  1. Great idea, if only I could find the time?! The curriculum is so jam-packed that I struggle to get through the schedule!

    • I hear you Claire, but just try a 3-5 minute video at the end of the last lesson for example. Even if it’s just to expose them to new ideas in technology. It’s worth it!

  2. It’s a great idea. I use it for my Gr 8 Technology learners and they love it. I’m sure the CAT learners will love it!