StudyOppsLogoFor teachers who use the Study Opportunities textbooks for Computer Applications Technology (as I do), I have created an assessment for each module in the theory component for each grade.

What this means is that when you have finished a module, you can have the students take the assessment and it will help you quickly gauge whether the students have understood the module or not.

The files are all in MS Word format with editable text fields for the students to simply click and type in their answers (you can obviously print them out too if you want). They’re short tests ranging from 20 to 40 marks and take about half an hour to complete at most.

There is no ‘memo’ or answers provided. Why? Well, two reasons: you’re checking that the student has gained understanding and can relate in their own words their understanding of the concepts in the module – so to expect the answers to adhere to a set memo goes against that reasoning. Two, you as the teacher, should know the answers to these questions as they’re not complicated topics and the textbook and teacher’s guide have enough information for you to refer to. (Ok, I was also wanting to quickly provide these assessments for others and didn’t really have time to make memos! You can gladly make them and provide them for me to share with others!)

The files are automatically added below as they are posted each month.

If you don’t have or use the Study Opportunities textbooks, you can still use these modules as they’re questions based on the CAT content.