The 4 Properties of Powerful Teachers

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I read the article (linked to above) and really enjoyed the points. I thought I should share it here with you.

I am not going to reproduce the article but rather just list the 4 main points here and give my input. You can read the full article by clicking the link above.

4 properties of powerful teachers

1. Personality

2. Presence

3. Preparation

4. Passion

Claim back your passion for your subject and teaching.

My thoughts

The workload of teachers is far greater than most people realise. To maintain a positive attitude, to be constantly prepared, to engage with so many students on so many psychological, mental and emotional levels is draining and takes an incredible amount of time.

I have seen teachers who are tired. They have lost their passion, their focus, their drive and perhaps have forgotten the very reason they chose to become a teacher. They drain others around them, sap the life out of them and breed a constantly negative environment. They are the teachers the students forget quickly or remember forever (but for the wrong reasons!).

All teachers are powerful! BUT they either use that power for good or for bad! I choose to use my power for good! I hope you are a teacher who realises the incredible influence you have not just over your class, but also over your colleagues.

Claim back your passion for your subject and teaching. Regain the respect of your students and colleagues. Your classroom is your domain and you can make it expand to the outer reaches of the globe if you choose to. You have the power to inspire and impart. Use it!

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