2019 – The C.A.T. teacher starter kit

Welcome, new C.A.T. teacher, to 2019!

A fantastic experience lies before you…well…that and a few more descriptive words I could add here. However, you are going to learn a lot!

Since you’re starting out in Computer Applications Technology, you might feel slightly daunted at what lies ahead but, have no fear, the C.A.T Teacher’s Starter Kit is here! I have put together a bunch of things that will help you get started on your way as you begin teaching C.A.T.

Everything you will need and may need to know, is in THIS post. Let’s get started!

1. Some decent textbooks

From my own, and countless other teachers, experience. One of the most useful useful textbooks is the “Computers, Part of your life series by Study Opportunities.”

Go check out the textbooks here

2. Awesome posters

Every classroom needs cool posters. Matthew has made LOADS of posters that have been made available on the site for all CAT teachers to access and print out. CAT terminology, MS Excel and even some augmented reality posters are available.

Check out the free posters and ones you can purchase right here on the Tech Teachers web site.

Show me the posters now!!!

3. The Tech Teachers Resources page

The most accessed and most popular page on this web site is the resources page!

Shared Google Drives from CAT teachers consolidating hundreds of resources, links to CAT YouTube channels, Kahoot quizzes, Professional development training and workshops, a massive links page and more!

Teachers are also able to upload their materials that they have created here to share with the larger CAT community.

Why are you still reading this? Go check out the Resources page!

4. The C.A.T teachers community

The CAT & IT Teachers Facebook group grows more and more, consisting of CAT, IT and ICT teachers and related professionals. It’s a closed group (meaning that anyone who is not a member cannot see the posts) and intended for teachers only.

In the group you will find a fantastic community of teachers always willing to help, give advice, offer support and assistance however they can. It is truly a fantastic group!

Go and join the CAT & IT Teachers South Africa Facebook Group

5. Skills checklist

I made an overview document of all the skills that a learner should have from Grade 10 to Grade 12 based on the CAPS documentation. Use this as a checklist to see what needs to be covered. I suggest showing this to your classes too. I just need to update it to add Pivot tables and Macros to the Excel section.

6. CAPS documentation

Probably a very important document to have! Pretty much everything you need to know about CAT and CAPS is in here. This is super important, actually, and belongs in your teacher file, I think.

7. This web site

…but you already knew that! 🙂