The “Designated List”, C.A.T. and University entrance

Since the publication of the National Gazette No. 41473, 02 March 2018, Vol. 633, many C.A.T. teachers, principals and others have been left confused as to the revocation of the designated list, which many CAT teachers have been fighting against for so long.

PDF : vol-633-no-41473

I emailed a letter I drafted (copy below) to the following organisations

– The Department of Basic Education
– Minister of Education Angelina Motshekga
– Minister of Higher Education Naledi Pandor
– USASF (formerly known as HESA)
– Umalusi

I have also tweeted the letter directly to:
– Naledi Pandor
– The Council on Higher Education
– Dept of Higher Education and Training
– Umalusi

I have sent the letter directly and publicly on the People’s Assembly website to Angie Motsheka and Naledi Pandor.

And I have emailed my letter to the Council on Higher Education.

How can you help?

Access the Universities & CAT shared worksheet online.

Find out from Universities in your town/province what points they assign to CAT for entry or for various areas of study. Fill in the spreadsheet with the information. The reason for this is to further clarify the effectiveness of taking CAT as a subject.