The philosophy of sharing

safefilesharingWhen I started teaching in 1998, my biggest problem was creating or sourcing material to enrich my teaching and handle assessments. I had to create my own materials, which weren’t very good, and the Internet was still so new to us there wasn’t much available like we have today.

When I started teaching Computer Applications Technology a few years ago, I found out that I was able to purchase ready-made exams with which to assess my students. This was a life-saver! I had no idea how to set up a decent exam paper on a level that my portfolio required as it was so new to me. Through seeing how the purchased exams were constructed and designed, I was able to become a better assessor in the class when I set my own tests for my students.

We all share, we all benefit. That is the power of sharing together.

I was then able to put my material up in the hope that, if there were other teachers like me, they’d need as much help as they could get! And so, the sharing began! I suddenly found out how hungry teachers were for materials and assessments that they could use. I also found out how many CAT and IT teachers were actually happy to share their materials with everyone, and that made me so glad!

We started off with Dropbox as that seemed the best way. But, as things grew, I realised that Dropbox was not as secure as it could be and was also blocked at a lot of schools for no real reason though. I found a new company called and everything they offer is way better than Dropbox. So, I have moved all the existing materials to a new Tech Teachers folder which is shared with other teachers. Teachers can only view and download files. No syncing takes place (unless one is an approved contributor) on the users’ PC. Therefore it’s safe, secure and controlled.

I share something, you share something!

When a teacher shares his/her material with another teacher, and vice versa, both teachers benefit. Sharing materials exposes teachers to new ideas, different assessments and creativity. It can inspire and assist struggling teachers who lack resources to create quality assessments.

I would like to ask that if you are given access to the Tech Teachers shared folders, when you download something, upload something in return. We all share, we all benefit together!

You can upload your material on this page –>>

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