Theory through practice – The PC Build Simulator

Too many learners, too few test benches

In an ideal world when we taught our learners about PC hardware and how all the parts fit together they should each assemble a physical machine so that they have real-world, hands-on knowledge of the experience. Unfortunately, this is not practical as there are several constraints – time, space and money.

PC Build Simulator to the rescue!

Now all of your learners can get to experience what it is like to build a PC through a simulation in the virtual world. With the PC Build Simulator, you interact with a 3D model of a PC and you get to plug in all the parts, screw in all the screws and connect all the cables, all while learning what each part does.
It is a very good introduction to the world of computers for those who have never had the opportunity or the courage to open one up themselves and tinker around.

Where to get it

The full “game” (as it offers a career mode in which you build and sell high spec machines) is available to purchase on Steam. However, I have used the demo – essentially just the tutorial which teaches you how to “play” – very effectively in my classes and it is completely free. The link is available below:

I encourage you to give it a try with your classes and let me know how it goes.

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    1. Can I download (buy) this game and then load it onto my learners pc’s so they can try it for themselfs?