QuizAt last! Here it is! The ultimate revision quiz revision activity for your Computer Applications Technology students. I have spent the last few weeks gathering questions from C.A.T. teachers across South Africa and compiled them into one massive spreadsheet.

From that list of questions I devised a worksheet that generates 10 random questions at a time with all options in a drop-down list automatically populated. All the student has to do is select the right answer and, when done answering the 10 questions, click the “Mark my quiz” button and receive instant feedback with corrections showing.

Print preview
Print preview

The teacher has the option to edit questions and answers and change the points scale at any time. There are countless combinations of quizzes available as the question databank has over 400 questions! The more a student practises, the better he/she can become at improving their theory knowledge.

I have tested it with my own students and encouraged them to try ‘break’ the program or hack it and cheat somehow and I’ve hopefully managed to plug any holes where a particularly inquisitive student might explore!


  • 487 questions available
  • Randomise quiz at the click of a button
  • Mark the quiz at the click of a button
  • Option to change how many marks a right answer is worth
  • Teacher-version (editable)
  • Student-version (not editable, secure and 99% cheat-proof)
  • Student must answer 10 questions before quiz can be marked
  • Student cannot change answers once quiz has been marked
  • Countless combinations of quizzes
  • Print-ready for when student completes a quiz

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  • MS Office 2010 or MS Office 2013
  • Enable macros to run when prompted to do so

Here is a video demonstration of the quiz in action


It’s completely free! No charge! Use it at your own risk! For members of the Tech Teachers web site and the CAT & IT Teachers Facebook group, you can download using the link below.



File-Downloads-iconDownload the file/s now.