One can ask a question and get an answer. The answer either displays good memory recall skills or it displays an understanding of the concept or skill being assessed, showing that the student has the ability to think, not just memorise!

My goal

My goal with this collaborative project is to create better/alternative/new questions for teachers to use in assessments with the goal of setting a higher standard of assessments based on Lower/Middle/Higher order thinking (referring to Bloom’s Taxonomy) and to have a collection of questions for particular topics in the ‘Theory’ side of Computer Applications Technology and Information Technology. The teacher should be able to test the student with questions suited at the right levels, to stimulate thinking rather than rote memory recall.


Step 1 : Select a topic/concept/skill
Step 2 : Re-create the ‘standard’/’normal’ questions we have been using for so long for that topic
Step 3 : Identify what order of thinking and which level of Bloom’s applies to that question
Step 4 : Come up with better ways of posing the question, keeping mind the thought processes we would want the student to implement and the kind of thinking we want to stimulate.
Step 5 : Identify what order of thinking and which level of Bloom’s applies to the new question, bearing in mind that the level does not necessarily have to be increased.
It can just be a different way of stating the question.


Example 1

Example 2


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