Use Infographics for learning ‘Theory’

From our popular Facebook group:

“Theory…theory…theory! You all know how reluctant learners are to study/learn their theory. I am trying a new approach with my grade 11s. Each one of the 48 had to select “a little piece” of theory and create an infographic of that. Their main source is supposed to be the Study Opp Textbook, but they may also do some more research.

I created a very basic blog page where I upload these infographics for them as they complete them. The idea is that their infographic should be information-rich so that they can actually learn from it.

You are invited to visit the blog, but please bear in mind they are 16/17 years old and they are boys.😉. They are of very mixed ability as well. They are enjoying the activity and hopefully will be more positive about theory.” — Posted by Lynette Thackray Smith.

Lynette’s task screenshot (supplied by Lynette).
Go check out the site she put up at

I was so inspired by this, I checked out infographics and thought I’d create a presentation to introduce my students to the concept and purpose of infographics and then introduce Lynette’s task to the class. I sourced a few images to show my students how various infographics are used:

Here is a video I made of the PPT presentation (I have updated the presentation since then)

Here are some screenshots from the presentation I made

I have placed the presentation in the Resources section for members of the site. Members can also download it from the link below.

Download the PPSX file now.

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