Using Twitter hashtags in teaching

twitter-icon “Hashtags allow teachers and educators to search for topics, gather information in one conversation thread and connect with friends and professionals.

A simple click of a hashtag can send you down the proverbial rabbit hole of the Internet—connecting you with people all over the world that share similar interests or inquiries.”

From : 24 Examples of Using Hashtags for Teaching and Learning by Stephanie Echeveste on November 9, 2014 on the EmergingEdTech web site.

aa5549761613a4dc5228615470f6be46Do you use Twitter in your class? Do your students use it? Have you been able to use it as teaching or learning mechanism? I’d love to hear your experiences. I have used it but only very briefly and with little success. I do believe, however, in the right context (no matter what subject) that we can use Twitter to engage, discuss, generate interest in content matter.

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