Weekly Delphi Training Videos

I am very excited to be able to bring you something VERY useful on a weekly basis: Delphi training videos!

On behalf of DelphiSchools and Gerhard Visagie, Tech Teachers is proud to present these videos on the Tech Teachers web site.

The videos that will be available each Monday (starting in February) are:

  • Getting Started
  • Types of Programs
  • Programming Languages
  • RAD
  • The IDE
  • Exploring Forms
  • Exploring Components
  • Saving & Organizing Files
  • Exploring Delphi Files
  • Enhancing the GUI
  • Creating a GUI
  • Naming Components
  • Exercises – Creating GUIs
  • Writing Basic Code
  • Documenting & Styling Code
  • Processing Boolean Values
  • Processing String Values
  • Calling Predefined Tasks
  • Processing Integer Numbers
  • Processing Real Numbers
  • Understanding Events
  • Writing Code For Events
  • Identify & Solve Errors
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Understanding Objects
  • Exploring a Form’s Unit

I have personally gone through every video and can honestly say it’s been the best introduction to Delphi I’ve seen so far and the easiest way to learn for any teacher or student.


  1. Please help me to get started with Delphi have material but does not know where to start, will be sitting for exams during May this semester. This is urgent please.