Welcome to 2016!

Welcome, fellow teachers, to 2016!

I don’t know how your 2015 was but mine was fantastic although incredibly challenging.

Time moves on and now 2016 is here and I find myself still teaching Computer Applications Technology (a subject I love very much and personally see as the most essential of all subjects!) and Information Technology (my second year now in IT). These subjects are by far the most usable skills when a student has matriculated.

A few things I have planned for this year:

  • Some new posters
  • Filming myself teaching and evaluating myself in all aspects such as language used, body language, teaching style etc.
  • A different approach to some of the theoretical concepts we teach, such as disk fragmentation and defragmentation (very excited to try this out, watch this space!)
  • Courses for teachers – Blogging, HTML, CSS, Analysis Grid discussion
  • Quick-Quiz packages for users of the Study Opportunities textbooks
  • A project between teachers to create the first online collaboratively-created assessment/s
  • I will also be introducing a couple of new authors on the site who will be blogging on all things CAT and IT!

Members of the Tech Teachers web site will have access to the Quick-Quiz Packages I create throughout the year including a free poster (or two) each month and a discount on any courses offered by me. Of course, members also get exclusive access to ALL the shared resources, the links, the videos and whatever materials I create throughout the year.

In terms of the other areas of the site:

  • There is a new video every month for the Tech-Time section of the site
  • I have lots of Delphi videos for the Information Technology gurus on the site
  • The Resources section will continue to be updated as teachers (yes, YOU!) share their materials as they have so unselfishly done for two years and counting so far
  • Donations to the site are still R250 for 1 whole year – these help me keep the site going and manage the content and resources (I am so grateful to all who support the site)

Good luck and all the best to all of you for this new year. Keep your passion for your subject and your students!

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