Why CAT? Convincing the Grade 9’s!

I created a presentation for my Grade 9 students to explain them why they should choose Computer Applications Technology as a subject from Grade 10 to 12. This is a work in progress and will be updated as I come up with more material and have time to update.

Feel free to download and modify as needed. Any comments and input are appreciated!

Available to you

  • Presentation with video embedded.
  • Presentation with no video but with slides that made up the video
  • Presentation with no video but you can download and show video separately
  • Fonts needed for presentation

Be sure to download the video file and the fonts too as the video is meant to be on a slide and the fonts could not be embedded. Install the fonts first and then load the PPTX file.

Here is the video (below) on YouTube that is embedded with the PPT slides.

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