Why choose CAT?

A BIG question I ask myself, which I then pose to potential CAT students in Grade 9 is “Why choose CAT?“. It’s a question I don’t need to ask myself as I know the answer already! It’s a given for me that CAT is an essential practical skills-based subject with much more use than a lot of other subjects once the learner has left school. My view on the validity of this subject has been further validated by an article I read today by Prof. Jonathan Jansen entitled “It’s hard work to work“.

You need to be ahead of the game. It is no longer enough to be busy; you need to be innovative to get a job.

Do yourself a favour, renew your belief in CAT as an essential subject by reading this article (PDF format) :
Work is hard – Prof J Jansen – TimesLIVE – August 2013

The online article is here :

What are your thoughts? Is CAT an essential subject?

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! It is probably the only school subject where you can GUARANTEE that all students will use a great deal of the skills taught, after school. Show me one person who is proficient on a computer who never uses it – doesn’t exist! The only reason people don’t use computers to make their lives easier is because they don’t know how – not because they don’t need it.