Word of the Week : Catfishing

Catfishing is a type of deceptive activity where a person creates a fake social networking identity on a social network account, usually targeting a specific victim for deception. It is often used on dating websites.

A catfish may steal someone else’s photos, videos or personal information to create a fake profile or website when they’re forming their bogus identity. Usually they invent a name or base the identity on someone they used to know. The ultimate aim of a catfish is, nine times out of ten, to extract money or personal details from the victim, as in the email scam called phishing.

Catfishing got its name from the 2010 documentary Catfish, the hit movie which first brought the phenomenon to the world’s attention. [https://metro.co.uk/2018/03/18/catfishing-can-spot-7396549/]

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