100th Word of the Week!

Michelle Meyer has tirelessly and relentlessly pursued the task of creating a computer technology-related term poster for Computer Applications Technology teachers and students for every single week of the year. Not content with just one year, she went and published enough material for over two years!

Every poster is fully printable up to A3 and consists of the terminology, an explanation of the term and a humorous image to accompany it. This project has proved to be incredibly successful with teachers and students all across South Africa!

As part of releasing the 100th word of the week, the Tech Teachers site will be putting together a special download pack with ALL the posters for teachers to freely download. It will be available from the 1st of September

The Tech Teachers site presents …


Mute: To mute a device means to temporarily switch off the sound coming from the device. “You’re on mute” became the most frequently used corporate phrase in 2020.

[The Digital Classroom Resource].


Many of the terminology words have come from the CAPS Curriculum, suggestions from teachers and The Digital Classroom Resource by Matthew Hains.

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