Word of the Week : Ransomware

Ransomware (Ransom Malware) is a type of malware that prevents users from accessing their system or personal files by encrypting them and demands ransom payment in order to regain access. Ransomware typically spreads through phishing emails or by unknowingly visiting an infected website.

The earliest variants of ransomware were developed in the late 1980s, and payment was to be sent via snail mail. Today, ransomware authors order that payment be sent via cryptocurrency or credit card.

There are several different ways that ransomware can infect your computer. One of the most common methods today is through malicious spam which is unsolicited email that is used to deliver malware. The email might include booby-trapped attachments, such as PDF or Word documents. It might also contain links to malicious websites.

Malspam uses social engineering in order to trick people into opening attachments or clicking on links by appearing as legitimate—whether that’s by seeming to be from a trusted institution or a friend. Cybercriminals use social engineering in other types of ransomware attacks in order to scare users into paying them a sum of money to unlock their files. [https://www.malwarebytes.com/ransomware/]

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